Taurus Magazine

Taurus Magazine

Producing quality firearms since 1941, Taurus has become undeniably popular among shooting enthusiasts for its iconic .410 Judge revolver and its budget-friendly 1911 & Beretta clones.

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With practical pocket-carry pistols like the in the $250 range like the 738 TCP, SLIM and 24/7 G2. Trustworthy Taurus revolvers and good 1911s for $500 or less, it’s no surprise that cost-conscious consumers love Taurus.

Taurus shared early ties with major firearms manufacturers like Beretta and Smith & Wesson, and over the years. They’ve refined their CNC machining & quality control to deliver consistent quality with every single firearm.

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Moreover, despite early recalls and teething issues with some newer models. Taurus’ reputation has improved substantially in recent years thanks to refinements in manufacture and production. Taurus firearms are sold with a lifetime warranty with solid customer service to ensure years of reliable service.

Owned for a time by Bangor Punta, the conglomerate that once owned Smith & Wesson. Taurus gleaned a great deal of knowledge on production and quality control dating all the way back to the 1970s. Combined with the acquisition of Beretta’s production facilities in Brazil. Taurus has been able to capitalize on low labor costs to produce affordable, reliable handguns that are hardly “cheap.”

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To conclude, many Taurus magazines are produced in association with Mec-Gar. One of the world’s largest manufacturers dedicated exclusively to firearms magazines. Also, ensuring the highest level of quality and reliability for your pistol. Lastly, common features include tough steel construction, special polymer followers, and high tensile internal wire springs.