Raging Judge® 513 45 Colt / 454 / 410 GA Casull Matte Stainless 6.50 in

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Taurus Raging Judge

Taurus raging Judge 513 magnum line couldn’t get any better, you have to see this. The new Raging Judge Magnum shoots the .454 Casull round in addition to delivering the same popular combo revolver of the original Judge models, and packs a giant 6-round cylinder. Besides added capacity, the Raging Judge features the famous red taurus Raging judge Bull” backstrap for added cushioning.

Taurus Raging Judge for sale

There have been two model number designations for this firearm, the 4410 (no longer produced) and the 4510 (current). Both model numbers are essentially the same revolver, and any 4410 or 4510 will yield basically the same performance. It got its name “The Judge” in 2006 when Bob Morrison, Executive Vice President, learned that taurus judge magnum in high-crime areas of Miami, Florida, were purchasing the revolver for personal defense in their courtrooms, and after Morrison investigated further, the model designation was changed from 4410 to 4510 to more accurately reflect the revolver’s versatility (.45 Colt + 410 shot → “4510”). Taurus International reports that the Judge is their top-selling firearm.

The rifling is shallower than normal, giving single-projectile loads less stabilization than they would receive in other handguns while reducing the rapid dispersion of the shot from shotshells. Taurus developed the shallow rifling after numerous experiments to find rifling that worked well with both types of ammunition. Taurus raging Judge 513.

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Model: 2-513069
Finish: Stainless Steel because
Caliber: 454 Casull
Grips: Rubber w/Cushioned Insert
UPC: 7-25327-60826-4
Capacity: 6
Weight: 73 oz. and also
Barrel Length: 6-1/2″
taurus raging judge
Frame: Large
Width: 1.9″ because
Front Sight: w/ fiber optic (red)
Length: 13.6″
Safety: Taurus Security System Transfer Bar
Trigger Type: Smooth
Order #: 2-513069
Rear Sight: Fixed

8 reviews for Raging Judge® 513 45 Colt / 454 / 410 GA Casull Matte Stainless 6.50 in

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

  2. Mark M. Houle

    This hand cannon is guaranteed to kill anything on the planet!

    I love that it shoots 45LC, 454 Casull and .410 Shotgun shells. I also checked with Taurus and it can also easily handle .45LC +P rounds.

    Very accurate and quality revolver. Purchase with confidence.

  3. Marcella J. Mueller

    When considering this pistol I did a lot of research. Some of the comments said, “Not very accurate, just a movie prop gun.”
    The only thing I could say about that , is that whoever wrote the review must not have been a very good shot. This weapon is extremely accurate! I’ve taken deer, turkey, a coyote at 50 yds., a rabbit at 45 yds, a ground hog, 2 fox…. the list goes on. All that to say I am VERY partial to this gun. It has performed superbly. Yes it’s big. Yes it’s heavy. But in the words of a famous knife maker, “it will Kill!” I highly recommend this as a weapon of choice!

  4. Deborah D. Smith

    Taurus raging judge This is such a fun gun when we first ordered it we thought the recoil was going to be really bad my son has had a wrist fused so he was hesitant about shooting it even when shooting the 454 rounds through it and the colt 45 Long rounds he had no problems with his wrist this is a really fun gun to Shoot love it

  5. Anthony (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

  6. Lucas (verified owner)

    Good service.

  7. Nolan (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

  8. Isaac (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

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